The mission of Kids Can Play is to pay the enrollment fee for financially disadvantaged children to participate in sports, music and art programs offered in the City of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Our mission includes improving and supporting the mental and physical health of children in Cambridge & North Dumfries.



Kids Can Play believes that engaging in music, art and physical exercise is vital to a child’s mental and physical development. We also believe it is unacceptable for money to be a barrier to that which is vital.

Why We Help

10% of children living in the Waterloo region are members of families with household incomes below the poverty line. This translates to thousands of children in Cambridge & North Dumfries, Ontario that require assistance.

Our goal is to help as many of those children as we can.

KCP pays the enrolment fee for children to participate in any program including the arts, music, sports and cultural activities. KCP is a not–for–profit organization that helps children gain exercise of mind and body in sport, music and art in Cambridge & North Dumfries, Ontario.

Participating in sport, the arts and music has been proven to enhance a child’s mental and physical development. KCP helps those in financial need for sport, music and art registration fees, enrolment fees or activity fees.



Are you interested in supporting KCP?

KCP runs with less than 10% overhead costs! That means almost all of the money raised goes directly to helping our KCP kids.